Life's paths guide us in many different directions and with each path we follow we meet acquaintances and sometimes people we'll call friends. 

As a member of the local 4-H Club and being enrolled in many of the course offerings from Dog Obedience Training,  Sewing,  Horse Showmanship & Cooking!  I was blessed to meet a woman who would become a life long friend and mentor of all things to me.  Yes, she was my 4-H Cooking Leader and her name is Dolores Amaro.  Little did I know that she and I shared the same love for "Old Things".  

Many years passed between 4-H Cooking and the time when I would actually go seeking decor to decorate my home, but our paths crossed again and although we knew that we were always friends... we became great picking pals!  As time would have it, we eventually opened a store together and began our little shop we call Gathering.  Of course it's a "Better Junque Store"!

Dolores and I have such fun together and she has been my best friend and mentor for many years.

Today we share our "Gathering Better Junque" store.   And across the street I own and operate the Gathering Marketplace - A Vintage Design Collective.

We hope you'll follow one of life's paths to our shop...

you may just make a forever friend!


Born the daughter of a talented artist, designer and decorator, it was a given that eventually I would become the proprietor and curator of my own business. 


At a young age I would walk downtown after school to her  shop... "Holli House Interiors" and I would take care of the showroom for her while she went out to decorate and design for her clients.  She choose colors and fabrics, furniture and all the fanciful things that made every home gorgeous.

Known as the best decorator in the area and after receiving a multitude of awards, she eventually moved to the city she loved... San Francisco. There she continued doing what she loved and would continue until her life here on earth was complete.

She would always tell me...

It's in you!